Three Ways to Save Money on Thanksgiving Dinner

Picture of pumpkins at Thanksgiving

The official season for thankfulness is almost upon us now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Having a lavish meal for all of your loved ones is a great way to show them you are thankful for them, but it doesn’t have to cost you a pretty penny. Here are three ways to have a Thanksgiving meal if you are on a tight budget:

  1. Offer up a Thanksgiving potluck. Thanksgiving is the most potluck-friendly holiday, so spread the love and cheer by working with your guests to arrange a potluck! If you are hosting, perhaps you can offer to cook the turkey (or turducken or whatever it is you and your family fancy) and then your guests can each sign up for a side and/or dessert to round out the menu. This not only saves you money, but it allows your family and friends to get in on the fun!
  2. If you are making the entire meal yourself, plan your menu early! Grocery stores start offering sales on Thanksgiving items often right after Halloween, so if you know your menu, you can start collecting the needed items as you see them on sale during the month of November. This could save you a lot of money in the long run and make your last shopping trip before Thanksgiving dinner just for perishables or last-minute foods, which will also alleviate stress.
  3. Don’t choose too many dishes to serve! A quick search on Pinterest (we are addicted!) yields hundreds of beautiful Thanksgiving menus. While it can be tempting to try out several new dishes in addition to the “staples” like mashed potatoes and green bean casseroles, each dish you make means the total cost will increase. Rule of thumb is to choose fewer dishes and make ample amounts of each.

We wish you and your family a wonderful (and yummy!) Thanksgiving holiday.

Three Home Improvement Projects to Tackle This Fall

Man doing construction project

Many people think home improvement projects fade away with summer; however, the cooler temperatures of autumn, combined with the need to prepare your house for winter, make fall a great time to take on these last-minute home improvements. Plus, working with contractors in the slower season could give you better bargains. If you still have the home improvement itch, here are three projects to tackle this fall:

Put On A Fresh Coat

Your siding – especially if it’s vinyl or wood – may be peeling or chipping from the harsh summer sun and the brutal winter snow. Boost your curb appeal and the value of your home with a fresh coat of paint. Fall weather is great for this as the difference between high and low temperatures is less than other seasons and humidity is reduced. Most oil-based paints can be applied when outside temperatures are between 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Inspect Your Roof

Summer rain and heat can take a toll on your roof, causing leaks, cracks, and other issues. Have someone inspect it for any damages and address them before winter, as snow and ice could only make the problem worse.

Prepare Your Fireplace

The fire IS so delightful when it comes to Michigan winters. If you want to cozy up to your fireplace through the winter, have your fireplace cleaned now. That way you can rest easy with a cup of hot cocoa and the peace of mind that you’ve taken steps to avoid an accidental house fire.

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