Important Info: New Online (Home) Banking Platform

Online banking will have a new and refreshed look on August 18, 2022. This will be a significant change to the current interface that you’ve experienced before. It increases your security and provides an improved interface with our Mobiliti apps.
When the online banking launches you’ll need to update your Login ID and Security Code (password).
Login ID: is your Previous Login ID which is usually your 5-digit account number with a leading 0.
  • Example: 12345 enter as 012345
Once logged in you will be prompted to change the login ID.
Security Code (password): The word security in all lowercase + the last 4 of the primary member’s Social Security Number.
  • Example: If the last four of your SSN is 1234, then your initial temporary passcode is security1234.
Once logged in you will be prompted to create a new Security Code (password)
A few items will work differently or need to be set up in the new Online Banking Platform.
  • Scheduled Transfers – will need to be set up
  • Shared Accounts are no longer available
  • You will have access to any account you are joint on
  • LPCCU MSRs can assist you with relationship accounts for other member-to-member transfers
  • If you are currently enrolled in CreditSense and use this free service to check your credit score/receive tailored offers, you will need to re-enroll after August 18.
Questions about the change? Contact us today for additional information.