Personal Loans

Personalized Lending Program

LPCCU offers members a “Personalized Credit Program” to help as many members as possible obtain loans. We realize some of our members have experienced difficulty in the past with their credit, and as a result, we or other lenders have denied their loan request. This has forced these members to pay extraordinarily high rates elsewhere. Our goal is to help as many members as possible under our Personalized Credit Program.

How Personalized Lending Program Works

The rate a member pays on a loan will be determined by his/her credit history and length of the loan. Members with excellent credit histories will receive our very best rates, which are some of the best rates offered by any lender.

Other members, who may have limited credit history or less than perfect credit will be assigned rates consistent with their credit score. LPCCU will also offer counseling to help these members improve their credit score. It is our goal that these rates will be lower than they could obtain elsewhere.

Future advertising will include rates “as low as”. These rates will apply to members with exceptional credit. Rate discounts will also be available to other members for qualifying circumstances.

How Personalized Lending Program Benefits You

Take a look at loans you have with other lenders. Call LPCCU to see what your rate and payment would be with us. Our lending staff is eager to help you refinance these loans for a better rate!!

Our goal is to help you obtain the credit you deserve and save money.

“It’s a Bright New Sunny Day” for lending at LPCCU.

Take Two Credit Rebuilder Loan

Offered for members to have a 2nd (or 1st) chance at rebuilding their credit score.

  • $2,000 for 2 years at member’s qualifying unsecured rate
  • $1,000 for 1 year at member’s qualifying unsecured rate
  • Proceeds to be deposited to member’s regular share account with a full pledge of shares attached.
  • Proceeds shall earn current declared dividend rate paid on regular shares
  • Pledge shall not fall below outstanding loan balance
  • Member will have 11 day grace period to make payment. If, after 11 days, the required monthly payment has not been made, a payoff shall be transferred and member shall be ineligible for program

Applying is Easy:

  • Stop by the LPCCU office.
  • Call us at 313.389.2300.