Scams to Watch Out For

Even during times like these, scammers are everywhere and looking to separate you from your hard-earned money. Over 2.2 million people reported fraud to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2020 with a total loss of $3.3 billion. And that’s only from incidents that were reported.

Many fraud victims suffer in silence out of embarrassment. But that should never be the case. Getting tricked by these criminals doesn’t mean you’re not smart; they’re just really good at being bad.

At Lincoln Park Community Credit Union, we work hard to keep your money safe and secure. That includes sharing info about things to look out for. Here are some scams we’ve seen on the rise lately that you should be aware of.

COVID Vaccine Survey
People are receiving emails or text messages with a link to a survey about one of the COVID vaccines. A survey might seem innocent enough, but it’s the “prize” they’re offering that’s the problem. To claim the reward, the person is instructed to pay for shipping costs. Of course, there’s no reward at all and the scammers are simply snagging credit card or checking account information.

Zoom Phishing Email
The video-conferencing platform exploded in popularity during the early months of the pandemic – with users and scammers alike. Almost 2,500 domains with the word “zoom” were registered by fraudsters during that time. Now they’re sending messages telling people their Zoom account is suspended and sharing a link to one of these look-alike sites to get it fixed. But clicking that link installs malware on your computer, allowing the criminals to access your info.

Waiting Package Scam
This one saw a big uptick last year with the increase in online shopping. Here’s how it works: You receive a text message saying a package for you from a few months ago was just found. They want you to claim it and schedule delivery.
Once again, clicking that link can lead to all kinds of problems and your info being stolen.

Always Be Cautious
It’s unfortunate you have to think this way, but there are just too many scams for you to not be wary. Taking a moment to think before you click any link can do a lot to protect you, your information, and your money. If you do end up being scammed, don’t be embarrassed. Remember, these thieves are extremely crafty and sometimes fool very intelligent people.

Be sure you let us know at LPCCU if your account or identity have been compromised so we can help you mitigate any damage. You’ll also want to report the fraud to the FTC. More reporting can hopefully prevent others from falling victim.