Our Tech Makes Your Life Easier

Even if you’re nowhere near 1400 Emmons Blvd, you can bank with Lincoln Park Community Credit Union. Even though we are a small credit union, we have the best mobile and online tools to help you manage your money from virtually anywhere.

Sure, you can check balances and make transfers between your accounts. Where it gets exciting is the next level of access you get. Payments, credit score monitoring, debit card controls, rewards. You’ll be on top of everything when it comes to your money (and you won’t have to spend every waking minute on it).

How much do I owe you?
Everyone’s pitching in for Kathy’s birthday gift, but you don’t have any cash. Not a problem with PopMoney. All you need is an email address or mobile phone number, and you can easily and securely send, receive and request money. No more “I’ll get you next time” promises.

How much did my credit score change?
A good credit score could mean a lower loan rate and you keeping more of your money. So it just makes sense that you’d want to monitor it closely. Thanks to Credit Sense, you can access your credit score, stop fraud with alerts about any inquiries on your credit, and even get tips on improving your credit score. Not only that, but you’ll get money-saving offers from LPCCU specifically for you.

How did I lose track?
You know that moment of panic when you get home from a long day out and can’t find your LPCCU MasterCard debit card? CardValet/CardControl lets you rest easier with the ability to turn your LPCCU debit card on or off if it gets lost or stolen. Plus, you can protect yourself from fraud by setting up transaction alerts, spending limits, and several other features that keep you in the know about your money. We also have the same program for your LPCCU VISA credit card called SecurLOCK.

How do I pay without my card?
LPCCU is always looking out for you. Even if you forgot your card, you have a way to pay with your smartphone. Your LPCCU MasterCard debit card and VISA credit card can be connected to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay so you’re never stuck again. After that, just open the app, hold your phone over the pay terminal, and you’re all set. With a temporary card number being created digitally for each transaction, your actual card number stays safe and secure.

Be sure to load both your LPCCU MasterCard debit card and VISA credit card into your mobile wallet and you’ll be ready to start shopping immediately.

How do I get started?
Mobile Wallet
To learn more and download the app, click on one of the links above. Follow the instructions within the app to enroll your LPCCU debit card and begin making purchases from your phone today!

Card Control
Sign into Mobiliti on your phone or tablet, Click on My cards. Follow instructions to download Card Control. After a quick card setup, you will be in control of your LPCCU cards. You’ll be able to turn your card on or off if lost or stolen, as well as set usage preferences, transaction alerts, spend limits and more!

If you have an iPhone, just download the app “SecurLOCK EQUIP” from the Apple store. If you have an Android phone, download the app from the Google Play store. Once the app has been successfully downloaded to your smartphone, you can begin to register your LPCCU credit card.

Having trouble?
Of course, you can also reach out to us. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have and help get you started with our easy-to-use online and mobile banking services.