Other Services

Notary Service

Free Notary Service is available to members of LPCCU. Several Notaries are on staff. However, it is always good to call before you stop by the office to insure a notary is available.


Self-adhesive stamps are available at LPCCU. Holiday stamps are available during November and December.

Money Orders

Travelers Express International Money Orders are available at LPCCU for $1.00 each.

Coin Sorter/Counter Machine

No need to roll coin. Bring in your loose coin and LPCCU’s machine does the rest. Make sure the coin is clean and free from foreign objects such as buttons, tokens, screws, etc.

The coin needs to be in a container that our staff can carry and easily get the coins out.

Small amounts of coin may be run as you wait.

Large amounts of coin need to be dropped off at the LPCCU’s office. We will process it as soon as possible (usually within 1 day).

Cell Phones

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RX Optical

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