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Every Story Matters

Lincoln Park Community Credit Union helps members save thousands in interest and fees just by banking with and financing their loans with the credit union. They’ve made it their goal to help their community save $100,000 in loan interest and fees to make every story in our community better. Here are a few examples:

  • New auto loans: $516.41 per loan
  • Used auto loans: $338.07 per loan
  • Personal loans: $40.57 per loan
  • Home equity loans: $3,162.20 per loan
  • Home mortgage loans: $12,560.98 per loan

In addition to your savings, we’ll also donate to your favorite charity through our Project Community Program.  Just by financing a loan with the credit union – not only can you save hundreds, but you help your community too.  We want to reach our goal and help as many people as we can. Help us get there!  Tell your friends and family.

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